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We are on the side of our efficient, strong and innovative industry with our trained and investigative expert team that uses the most advanced technologies of its field and constantly develops new techniques.

  • 150 Employees
  • .10 R&D Engineer
  • 50 White Collar, 100 Blue Collar Employees


Alfer's high experience in customer-specific designs makes it able to solve technically complex problems and offer very flexible solutions to the customer.


Alfer attaches great importance to research and development in the entire design and manufacturing process. Our goal is to be able to offer our customers by producing better quality, less energy consuming systems.

We can simulate the operational conditions of the products and see how they behave at full operation points in the computer environment thanks to our advanced CFD capability through our Alfer R&D unit.


100% In Our Own within our organization
Complies with ISO 5801
Capability of Aerodynamic and Mechanical Testing in Real Environment


It is a fan test system established in accordance with ISO 5801 standards, in order to precisely extract the fan characteristics of the fans developed through R&D studies and to measure their performances precisely. Through the system;

* Torque
* Flow
* Pressure
* Temperature
* Vibration
* Humidity
* Decibels
measurements can be obtained

By appliying the auxiliary fan in the system, the performance of the fans can be measured in a much wider range. We are able to measure the efficiency of our fans with torque measurement up to 10,000 Nm made on the shaft.

Flow rate: Max. 150.000 m3/h

Pressure: Max. 30,000 Pa

Torque meter: Max. 10,000 Nm

Installed Motor: 250 kW


Alfer Engineering is also a pioneer in its sector with the "Fan Test" center it has established in accordance with ISO 5801 within its own structure

The aerodynamic and mechanical properties of the fans are tested in real time under operational conditions through our subject test center, .

The fans mechanical and capacity test can be performed directly measuring the shaft power, which leads to the fan efficiency,

In this way, large-capacity fans are tested before shipment, and all necessary data for the customer is provided without waiting for the fans to be commissioned on site.

Flow rate: Max. 1.200.000 m3/h

Pressure: Max. 30,000 Pa

Torque meter: Max. 15,000 Nm

Installed Motor: 1.200 kW


It is ensured In our factory, which is established on a total area of ​​​​20,000 m² with 14.000 m² closed area and 6.000 m² open area, that the fan projects transferred from the project department are quickly taken to the production department, and the characteristic operations for the fan are divided into classes and a business plan is prepared. In this plan, separate attention is paid to all kinds of fans with a sartorial rigor.

Our fans, which are produced by expert teams by making precise settings with the latest technology measuring devices, are subjected to all kinds of necessary tests by the quality control teams and reported and transferred to the installation department.

Fans whose installation is completed are shipped by being subjected to fan performance tests, verifying whether they comply with the efficiency curves predicted at the design stage and capacity measurements.

fan production capacity of 250 tons/month

filter production capacity of 500 tons/month


State-of-the-Art Measuring Devices

100% Real Environment Testing for Each Product

Production in International Standards


All services provided at the point of research and development, consultancy, after-sales services are offered by following the innovative and latest developments in the market, and its experienced and dynamic staff, acting with the awareness of being the solution partner of its customers, acts with the excitement of completing new projects.


Alfer offers bag filters and fans with economical prices and short delivery times with a high level of quality and efficiency.

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