Quality Policy


We aim to act in accordance with legal requirements, gain the trust of all our employees, customers and suppliers and contribute to the development of our country with the Integrated Management System we have created in accordance with our vision, mission, principles and values.

In accordance with these objectives

To keep customer satisfaction in mind and to provide products and services in accordance with National and Internationally accepted standards in this context,

To place the "Continuous Quality Awareness" on all our employees, to increase the staff competence with trainings,

To work in full compliance with Occupational Health and Safety principles in our company,

To carry out our activities aimed at protecting our environment in a way that meets the requirements of the legislation, to work in cooperation with the competent local authorities on health, safety and environmental issues,

To ensure to reduce waste and the use of natural resources, to increase the recycling rate,

To adopt customer-oriented work and to address customer expectations with the necessary sensitivity and rigor and to evaluate possible customer complaints effectively and to bring them to a solution,

In addition, to carry out all our activities in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Systems and to continuously improve our management systems by constantly reviewing and evaluating targets based on process performance indicators

Are our ”Company Policy".


  1. that We will constantly improve our product and service quality in accordance with customer requests and expectations and market conditions in order to remain one of the leading organizations in the rapidly growing industrial fan and filter sector in our country, ,
  2. That we will continuously improve our integrated management system by providing all the necessary resources,
  3. That we will take the necessary measures to reduce the pollution that may occur during all our works and to protect the environment,
  4. that We will give priority to sustainable resource supply during resource supply,
  5.  that We will avoid all activities that will cause climate change and harm biodiversity and ecosystem during our activities,
  6. that We will ensure the prevention of injuries and health disorders by taking all necessary measures within the scope of occupational health and safety based on the philosophy of human first, including all our employees, customers and visitors,
  7. that While fulfilling all these, we will comply with the relevant primary and secondary regulatory requirements, customer requirements, standard requirements
  8.  that we will provide the requirements related to ensuring the participation of our employees in OHS activities and consulting them if necessary.


Alfer Precision Fan Testing System

It is a fan test system established in accordance with ISO 5801 standards, in order to precisely extract the fan characteristics of the fans developed through R&D studies and to measure their performances precisely. Through the system;

  • Torque
  • Debi
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Humidity
  • Decibels

Measurements can be obtained

Fan performance can be measured over a much wider area as auxiliary fans are used in the system.

Fan efficiency can be measured with torque measurements up to 10.000Nm.


Flow ratei Max. 150.000 m3/h
Pressure Max. 30,000 Pa
Torque Meter Max. 10,000 Nm
The Board Engine 250kW

Alfer's Aerodynamic and Mechanical test Centre

Alfer Engineering is also a pioneer in its sector with the establishment of the "Fan Test Centre" within its own structure in accordance with ISO 5801.

Our test Centre tests the aerodynamic and mechanical properties of fans in real time under operating conditions.

These test rigs allow us to carry out mechanical and performance tests on fans, and with the torque meter we can directly measure shaft power, i.e., fan efficiency.

In this way, without waiting for the fans to be commissioned in the field, large-capacity fans are tested prior to shipment and all the necessary data is made available to the customer.


Flowratei Max. 1.200.000 m3/hour
Pressure Max. 30,000 Pa
Torque Meter Max. 15,000 Nm
Installed Motor 1200kW

Mechanical Tests and Non-Destructive Tests


In order to minimize vibration, static and dynamic imbalances of rotors of all sizes are eliminated, saving and continuity in use are ensured, malfunctions are prevented and efficiency is increased.


The rays penetrating the material affect the film on the other side of the materials on the other side of the materials, and then the internal structure of the material is controlled through the film subjected to the bathing process.

In addition;

100% Visual Testing (VT) is carried out on all our products by the Non-Destructive Testing Department (Non-DestructiveTesting-NDT) affiliated to our quality unit. In addition, the durability of the welds is ensured by performing Ultrasound Test (UltrasonicTesting - UT) on butt welds, Magnetic Test (MagneticTesting - MT) before and after stress relief in all critical welds, penetrant test (PenetrantTesting - PT) after root pass welds.

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