Our Expertise Services

All services provided at the point of research and development, consultancy, after-sales services are offered by following the innovative and latest developments in the market, and its experienced and dynamic staff, acting with the awareness of being the solution partner of its customers, acts with the excitement of completing new projects.

Our Specialized Services

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Exploration visits and Determination of need on site
  • Project Design
  • Installation And Commissioning
  • Laser Coupling Adjustment
  • Performing Rotor And Shaft Balance Adjustments
  • In Order to Ensure Aerodynamic Optimization
  • Performing CFD Analyses
  • Technical Service And Periodic Maintenance
  • Maintenance And Repair Of The Fan And All Our Products
  • Revision And Capacity Increase in Fans
  • Conducting On-Site Vibration Analysis of Fans
  • Performing  Flow And Pressure Measurements
  • Performing Sound And Vibration Measurements
  • Spare Parts Supply  Services
  • Field assembly and disassembly works
  • Inspection and reporting for problematic dedusting systems
  • Smart fan remote monitoring system

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