Iron and Steel Industry


  • Sinter Plant Dust Collection System
  • Sintered Cooling Zone Dust Collection System
  • Coal Crushing and Preparation Unit Dust Collection System

  • Lime Plant Dust Collection Systems
  • Blast Furnace Casting Zone Dust Collection Systems
  • Ark Furnace Region Dust Collection Systems

  • Desulfurization Zone Dust Collection Systems
  • Casting Pits Area Dust Collection Systems
  • Belt Conveyor Transfer Towers Dedusting Filters
  • Induction Furnace Filter


  • Induction Fan
  • PCI and Stove Fan
  • CentrifugalElectro Fan
  • Induction Furnace Dust Collection Fan
  • Sealing Fans of Power Plants
  • EAF and LF Fans
  • Steam Fans

  • Molexhaus Fan
  • DilutionAir Fan
  • Furnace Hot Gas Fans
  • Dedusting System Fans
  • Combustion Air Fans
  • Furnace  Hot Gas Fans

  • Sinter and Pellet System Fans
  • Coke Gas Fans
  • Steel Meltshop Gas Pressure Boosting Booster Fan
  • Booster Fans
  • Rolling Mill Fans

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